Advancing Resilient Reforestation

Navigating forestry projects can be daunting. About 40% of trees in Asian tropical forest restoration efforts do not survive beyond five years.

Arkadiah is collaborating with Terraformation, a global leader in technology-led biodiverse native forest restoration, to expand the Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator. This innovative program offers local communities and forestry teams technical expertise, technology and funding to quickly and responsibly restore biodiverse forests while delivering high-quality carbon credits.

Photo: The Kilimanjaro Project. Tanzania ©Terraformation

Benefits for Forestry Teams

Global Experts

Team of foresters, scientists and experienced carbon market strategists

Technology Solutions

Software support to monitor and track from seed to forest


Pilot capital to get projects off the ground

How To Apply

Join us to build a biodiverse native ecosystem and co-create lasting positive impact with local communities. The Accelerator is ideal for tropical or subtropical reforestation projects that have long-term access and rights to reforest at least 1,500 hectares of land.

Initial Assessment Form

This quick self-assessment allows us to give early guidance on project fit.

Submit Full Application

Projects that demonstrate a good fit from the Initial Assessment can advance to submit the detailed Full Application.

Screening and Interviews

If your project is a good candidate, you’ll interview with a project lead and work with our teams on a more thorough technical screening.

Admission and Launch

A project lead will update you on your application status and provide feedback. If you’re accepted into a cohort, you’ll get ready to launch!

Ready to Apply? Join us for a future cohort.

Photo: Centre for Ecosystem Restoration Kenya. Kenya ©Terraformation


How does the Accelerator work?

Participants will benefit from

  • 10-week capacity building program

  • Guidance through stages of project development

  • Digitised solutions for seed bank and nursery inventory, track planting progress and project status

  • Infrastructure and funding support as needed

How do you evaluate project selection?

The Accelerator is open to tropical or subtropical forest creation and restoration teams of all types and most locations.

We assess a range of criteria before selecting participants. Some of these include:

  • Tropical terrestrial forest or mangrove projects in non-US sanctioned countries

  • Minimum 1,500 ha reforestable area. This excludes any land cleared of natural forest within the past 10 years

  • Minimum 70% of the total reforestable area should be dedicated to native biodiverse forest restoration. Up to 30% can be for agroforestry or other sustainable forest use, including up to 10% dedicated to sustainable timber or monocultures

  • Projects using more native species will be more competitive (minimum 10 native species for forests; minimum 3 native species for mangroves). Invasive exotic species are not eligible.

  • Prior experience in forest management or reforestation species, and those with existing infrastructure to support reforestation will be more competitive

  • Projects with a strong community component will be more competitive

  • Must have land ownership rights and transferable carbon rights for at least the duration of the project (minimum 40 years), or discussions have already taken place with the landowners, and they are in principle amenable to transferring rights for the duration of the project

  • Applicants must have some staff who can speak conversational English

What if my land is smaller than 1,500 hectares?

Although it may be possible to register a reforestation carbon project of a smaller size, the costs of implementation and registration are likely to outweigh revenue from carbon credit sales.  Write to us if you might be interested in being grouped with another smaller project.

My project is primarily to conserve forests. Will I be eligible?

The current Accelerator cohort focuses on reforestation projects only.

Is there any cost to apply for the Accelerator?

There is no cost to apply for the Accelerator.

What can I use the funding for?

Our ultimate aim is to speed up the time taken for projects to be carbon registered, which will enable a reliable source of funding to scale your project over the coming decades. Through this Accelerator program, you will be provided with capital, equipment, training and carbon proponency etc. in exchange for a share of your future carbon proceeds.

I have already raised some funding and initiated the project. Can I still apply?

If the project meets the criteria, you can still send in an application.

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