Heroica's Success Story

Heroica is passionate about coffee. Their mission is to produce quality coffee in partnership with our local farmers and landowners, through respecting the natural landscapes. Their first farm was at Kalinga, growing Arabica coffee. In their first year, their first harvest was sold to Blue Bottle Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster and retailer in the USA focusing on single-origin beans.



T50 families with jobs and improved economic conditions

1 coffee tree will provide income for 2-3 generations


60,000+ coffee trees planted

~1,000 native trees planted


~20% above national average plus profit sharing of the coffee harvest for farmers

Our Next Venture

After the success of Kalinga and seeing the increasing challenges that coffee farmers face, Heroica aims to expand their footprint to safeguard the future of coffee farmers. The new venture will cultivate liberica coffee on a larger area in Subic Bay, Philippines through agroforestry approach and simultaneously reforest an adjacent track of land. Similar to Kalinga, Heroica plans to work with the local tribal community, supporting their goals to preserve their way of life and protect the rich natural habitat.

Sttoke, a [2-3 word descriptor] will be contributing 1% of profits to support the new project.

Arkadiah will support digital measurement and monitoring services (dMRV), advisory and workflow support to bring this project to the carbon credit market.

The Issue

Coffee Farmer's Uncertain Future

Smallholder coffee farmers are facing escalating pressures from climate crisis and supply chain inequity.

Mounting Risks

Yield decline for Arabica bean due to global adverse weather events

Environmental Toll

Deforestation and land degradation fueled by conventional farming practices

Income Inequity

Smallholders farmers produce 60-80% of the world’s coffee yet earn ~5% of total revenue

The Solution

A Better Way To Farm

Introducing an almost forgotten but widely favoured Liberica coffee known locally as Kapeng Barako back into the coffee farmers of Philippines.

Liberica Coffee

Climate resilient species sought after for its bold, smokey flavours

Agroforestry and Regenerative Farming

Intercrop with other cash crop and restoration, with reduced chemical usage

Farm-to-cup integrated economic model

Extended role in value chain beyond farming into processing, roasting and beyond

Our Partners


Heroica is passionate about growing great quality coffee, regenerating neglected land and improving livelihoods for local communities. They aim to revive the Philippine coffee supply industry to become a top global producer once again.

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