Multi-Scale Nature Intelligence

Harnessing the power of versatile data integration, we seamlessly integrate ground truth, remote sensing with machine learning mastery to unlock unparalleled intelligence for planet restoration.

Ground Truth​​

Quantify Natural Capital

Our cutting-edge LiDAR technology captures highly precise 3D scans of forest plots, rapidly mapping structural details with professional grade precision. This unparalleled level of detail allows us to accurately calibrate, validate, and monitor aboveground carbon – a non-negotiable requirement for carbon project registry submissions.

Complemented with measurements from onsite teams, our empirical ground truth intelligence enhances carbon market integrity and maximises your natural capital’s value.

Satellite Intelligence

Advanced Earth Observation

We harness the combined might of advanced satellite imagery, LiDAR, and radar observations to provide you with unparalleled insights into your project areas.

Fueled by data from leading sources like GEDI and ESA, our advanced models bring together key quality indicators to enable precise land use monitoring, terrain and soil analyses, forest carbon stock tracking, biological and non-biological risk mitigation.

Machine Learning Models

Decoding Nature's Potential

Our AI machine learning models combine high-resolution geospatial monitoring, localised ground data and peer-reviewed scientific literature to build integrated models that revolutionize land mapping and precise project-level carbon stock quantification purpose-built to cover Southeast Asia’s rich biodiversity.

This data powerhouse provides you with in-depth understanding of your land’s potential impact, fostering transparency and credibility with project developers, investors, buyers/offtakers, insetting practitioners, legislators and community stakeholders.

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